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Modulating metabolism for

longer and healthier lifespan

Our laboratory focuses on understanding of metabolic pathways in health and disease. Over billions of years, cells have evolved a complex network of metabolic reactions to sustain vital cellular and organ functions. Numerous components within this molecular realm continue to elude discovery, and their significance in the context of health and disease remains only partially understood. Through the application of advanced technologies and a holistic methodology, our laboratory is dedicated to deciphering the functions of these pathways in preserving cellular equilibrium. Our primary objective is to leverage this knowledge to spearhead innovative medical treatments that can improve both the length and quality of human life.

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The Cikes Lab is located in the 3d floor ADM Center for Medical Research at the Medical Campus, within the Institute of  Physiology and Pathophysiology. Our dynamic research team integrates creative concepts from its members, drawing on their distinct experiences to conduct groundbreaking and adventurous scientific endeavors aimed at enhancing human health.

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Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology

ADM Building, 4th Floor

Med Campus I

Krankenhausstrasse 5, 
Linz, 4020


Cikes Lab

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