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The Cikes Lab is located in the 3d floor ADM Center for Medical Research at the Medical Campus, within the department of  Physiology and Pathophysiology, Johannes Kepler University (JKU). Our dynamic research team integrates creative concepts from its members, drawing on their distinct experiences to conduct groundbreaking and adventurous scientific endeavors aimed at enhancing human health. Our facilities boast cutting-edge technologies, including Next Generation Sequencing, Mass Spectrometry, STED Microscopy, NANO FCM, MicroCT, Phenomaster, metabolic profiling of cellular and organismal metabolism, and well-equipped animal facilities. We cultivate a welcoming and positive atmosphere and offer training opportunities at every level to enhance the skills of our members. The key element we look for in individuals is strong passion and dedication to scientific exploration.

 The city of Linz:

Linz, situated on the Danube River, serves as the capital of Upper Austria. This enchanting city, characterized by its medieval and baroque charm, provides a harmonious blend of urban vibrancy with its numerous bars, cafes, restaurants, and lively student nightlife. Additionally, it offers tranquility through easy access to surrounding nature, green landscapes, and idyllic scenery.

The Medical Campus serves as a hub for diverse groups working across various fields and technologies, fostering ample opportunities for collaborations. Linz boasts competitive salaries at every career stage, affordable housing options, family-friendly infrastructure, safety, convenient accessibility within the city, and a direct train connection to Vienna International Airport, making it an excellent choice for a career in science and for living.

Open Positions:

We are presently seeking a graduate student to join our team. We have numerous captivating projects at the crossroads of healthspan and metabolism, ready to start immediately. We offer comprehensive training and a competitive salary. If you're intrigued by the opportunity to work with us, kindly send your Cover Letter, CV, and Reference Letter via email.

Graduate Students: Individuals with an interest in conducting biomedical research and joining our diverse team are encouraged to submit their applications.. Please email us and send a cover letter, your CV and and details for a reference.

Postdoctoral researchers: We invite enthusiastic individuals with specialized knowledge in microscopy, biochemistry, disease models, cell culture, or metabolism to submit their applications. Please email us including a cover letter, your CV, and details for three references.

Undergraduate students: Johannes Kepler University undergraduate students who are interested in performing biomedical research and being part of our multidisciplinary team are welcome to apply. Please email us your CV and a short description of your research interests. 

Contact us:

Cikes Lab

Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology

ADM Building 4th floor, Med Campus I

Johannes Kepler University

Krankenhausstrasse 5

4020 Linz



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